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Tips for Staging Your Home in Los Altos the California Way

Staging homes is a crucial aspect of selling real estate. It allows the potential future homeowner to imagine themselves living in the property and can significantly impact a home's sale price. In Los Altos, where the real estate market is competitive, staging can give sellers an edge in attracting buyers and securing a quick sale with higher offers. Staging based on region is also important, as many buyers from outside California are moving here and want that luxurious Californian feel. Los Altos is a stunning region with many exciting things to do and various luxury homes in all sorts of styles. Read on for some tips to make your home stand out with sophistication and elegance at every turn.

What exactly is staging?

Selling a home is often a confusing business. There are a lot of moving components, perhaps one of the most paramount being staging. But what exactly is staging? Staging a home is several things at once. It is cleaning and decluttering the space and decorating for potential buyers to view. It means creating a neutral and inviting home where buyers can more easily visualize their own lives and happiness.

Overall, sellers want to effectively neutralize their spaces to allow potential future homeowners to imagine themselves in the space with their personal items. Creating a California-styled home while staging your property is one excellent way to appeal to potential buyers who are seeking serenity and gorgeous spaces. After all, the California style is one of casual luxury that is alluring and aspirational.

Why is staging your home in Los Altos important?

Luxury Los Altos real estate is consistently highly sought-after. So why would a homeowner need to stage their home to sell it? Experts agree that staging a home allows for the highest return on investment. It is one of the easiest ways to increase your profits when selling your property. In a competitive market, it is important to stage the home effectively to draw in as many bids as possible and drive up your Los Altos house price.

Coastal chic

Coastal decor is not only about sea shells and the color teal, although that is an excellent starting point. Los Altos luxury homes embrace their coastal proximity. Emphasize this when staging your home by using coastal elements throughout. Think of the water, beach, and fresh air. Bring the outdoors inside with well-curated and expertly placed decor like anchors, shells, and driftwood. Placing dry pampas in an artisanal vase is an excellent way to create that cozy coastal California feel in a staged home.

Photo courtesy of Gretchen Swall

Mix with complimentary styles

California is all about mixing good things together to create something even greater. The Bohemian style is one that works well with California decorating. Both are carefree and exciting. Tone down the Bohemian style by utilizing only small accents throughout your home to add a pop of charm.

Another style that mixes well with California decor is mid-century modern. Mixing mid-century modern styles with contemporary ones is popular in California interior design. California's unique blend of casual elegance, outdoor living, and love for modern design makes it a natural fit for this type of fusion. By blending the classic mid-century design elements like clean lines, natural materials, and warm wood tones with the bold colors, geometric patterns, and sleek finishes of contemporary design, you can create a visually striking and timeless look that is unique. The emphasis on indoor-outdoor living in California design means that incorporating elements like floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding glass doors, and outdoor patios or decks are also popular ways to bring the outside in and create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Overall, mixing mid-century modern styles with contemporary design in California interior design is a winning combination that creates a stylish and functional space that is perfectly suited to the California lifestyle. When done right, the blend of mid-century modern and contemporary design can create a cohesive and harmonious look that is both stylish and functional.

Bright and airy

California style works well with home staging because they both trend toward neutral colors. Creams, ivories, and beiges are good bases to work with. This helps open up the room rather than making it appear smaller, as darker colors do. There are a myriad of neutrals to choose from, but focus on warmer-toned colors, as they fit more with the California style.

Along with choosing warm neutrals, consider the lighting in your staged home. Without proper lighting, viewers would not be able to see what a wonderful home it is. Utilize lamps and neutral lighting to create a bright and visually appealing space that appears more open and inviting.

Photo courtesy of Gretchen Swall

Add a pop of color

A staged home does not have to be entirely neutral to sell well. The entire goal of staging a home is to neutralize the space. However, it is important to add certain quirks to make it appealing and feel like it could be the home of your buyer’s dreams. Accents of blues or greens work well with the California style. Also, utilize warmer colors, like rich mahogany and taupes, to create a welcoming environment.

Use natural materials and textiles

A key component of staging a home the California way is to utilize a variety of natural materials and textiles. Drape a neutral knit throw blanket across the chaise lounge, or bring in some natural wood-framed mirrors to make the space look bigger. There are many ways to liven up the space without ruining the neutralized effect you want to create. Sheer curtains made of linen are a classic way to beautify a living room while still allowing light to flow inside.

Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

Add house plants

House plants have exploded in popularity in recent years but have always been popular in California homes. An ode to the majestic nature of Northern California, house plants are a wonderful way to brighten up a room and make it more inviting. They also add a beautiful bit of color to the neutral room without being distracting.

Utilize scents

A home should be appealing to all of the five senses. Burning a candle or scent diffuser of a light scent helps make the house feel more like a potential home. It is important to use a neutral, clean scent that does not overpower the room, however.

Use artwork sparingly

Artwork can really add to a space as long as it is used sparingly. Incorporate art that matches the color palette of the interior, such as neutral color art or works that use small pops of your accent color. Too much artwork in a home can be distracting and overwhelming. Popular options include linework and landscapes of the coast.

To sell your home quickly and to receive maximum return on investment, utilize these tips for styling your Los Altos home the California way. When you are ready to sell your home or start your search for Los Altos real estate for sale, Gretchen Swall will be your go-to agent. Her knowledge of the area and negotiating prowess will yield the results you want. Contact Gretchen today to get started.

*Header photo courtesy of Gretchen Swall

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